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Unique P2P service for cryptocurrency - fiat money exchange, completely independent and secure due to the use of the smart-contract architecture and the API of payment systems.

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DAPP StreamDesk

We are developing decentralized applications using a distributed database for the cryptocurrency exchange.

StreamDesk is a P2P platform where both parties to a transaction are individuals. There is no comparison between StreamDesk and conventional financial institutions such as banks or stock exchanges, as fiat currencies are transferred directly between individuals.

StreamDesk is the innovative P2P platform based on the technology of blockchain, attractive due to its safety and favorable terms of transactions. The whole process is remote, which allows users to manage their time more effectively.

StreamDesk features


There are significant prospects of the cryptocurrency market development; however, up to date there is no honest entry into the cryptocurrency market with minimal commissions. The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. It is a huge risk to create an exchange service with low commissions. In order to avoid such risks companies add them to users' commissions or increase cryptocurrency exchange rate considerably.
StreamDesk platform is a smart solution to these problems.


Smart contract

Smart-contracts are part and parcel of the Streamity medium.

Simplicity and convenience

StreamDesk is a simple and convenient way to buy and sell cryptocurrency within one smart application.

Legality of operations

KYC policy followed by Streamity is based on principles of fair partnership.

Crypto-community freedom

Both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies are not blocked by the platform.

Minimal commissions

Users select a transfer method themselves, in most cases paying a fee in fiat currency will not be required. Cryptocurrency commission varies from 0 to 2%..

Fair Service

Cryptocurrencies value is as close as possible to the current exchange rates. Information on the value of cryptocurrencies is collected from major cryptocurrency exchanges, the average market value is set online automatically in Market.

The cryptocurrency purchase process

The Buyer
The Order

The Buyer selects a suitable order from the list in StreamDesk application

Payment system
Smart contract

As the order is confirmed, the cryptocurrency is blocked by a smart contract.

The Buyer makes payment directly to the Seller, using the selected method.

Account money

As the seller recieves money to his account, smart contracts obtain a signal which unblocks them. Then cryptocurrency is sent to the buyer's account.

The Seller
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Innovative portal

Streamity services include news and analysis, investment, and educational resources, each existing as an independent business environment. We are creating an attractive and powerful portal in the area of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, which will integrate news, ideas, high-quality analysis in one personal account, unique training courses created by experts in various fields, algorithms and ready-made solutions for trading, a number of forums with token remuneration, user-friendly interface, and timely data submission. All of this will involve blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.

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Experts' reviews

Streamity ICO rating A RATING ICObazaar: AA
Streamity ICO rating Rated by Wiserico 5 in 5
Streamity ICO rating A Rated by ICOMarks 9 in 10
Streamity ICO rating Rated by Tokentops 4,7 in 5
Rated by Tokentops 85,5 in 100
Streamity ICO rating Rated by TrackIco 4,4 in 5
Streamity ICO rating Rated by Icoholder 4,25 in 5

Media about us

Advantages of Streamity

Form of incorporation

Streamity is registered in Singapore and it is aimed at completely legitimate operation.


Streamity aims at winning community recognition by means of P2P platform and development of a powerful portal focusing on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Artificial intelligence

It is planned to use artificial intelligence in various resources of Streamity medium.

Meetups and conferences

We will hold meetups and conferences on various topics for the community in different countries.

Training within the community

Streamity will provide extensive training courses jointly with its partners.


Streamity cooperates with blockchain companies in the development of technology.

Vladislav Kuznetsov
CEO Founder

In my opinion, Streamity is showing hopeful results, thanks to the experienced and well-known team, challenging and relevant idea, the only one of its kind.

Dmitry Martianov
CTO Co-Founder

The idea of a safe P2P platform is exactly what the cryptocurrency market has been searching for over a long period of time! It will help to resolve a number of problems in the development of blockchain technology, including the legal ones!

Oles Sribny
Head of Investment

We believe in decentralized cryptocurrencies. People shall be able to manage their finances without external intervention whatsoever. StreamDesk platform embodies the idea of truly fair cryptocurrency exchange between individuals.

May 2017
Creation of the idea
of Streamity project
August 2017
The prototype of
StreamDesk finished
Backend and user’s account
Start of ICO
Launch of StreamDesk
and of the marketing campaign
Launch of the education and
information «Streamity» resource
Launch of
cryptocurrencies converter
Launch of Streamity
mobile version (IOS/Android)
Launch of «Streamity» investment resource


Streamity collects funds to launch StreamDesk DAPP. StreamDesk is the P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform. Moreover, the Streamity road map includes the development of news and analysis, investment and educational resources.
Token nature:
Streamity token (STM) is the key element of the Streamity medium. The STM is the internal currency of the project. It means that all services of the project are expected to be paid just in STM.
Token type:
STM-tokens will be released on the Ethereum platform using the ERC 20 standard.
Number of tokens:
The number of STMs issued is strictly limited to 180,000,000 tokens. The STMs won’t be issued in the future. Upon collection of this number of tokens ICO will be considered as completed and further collection phases will be stopped.
Value of the token:
The value of one token equals 0.2$. Tokens will be distributed proportionally within the amount of investments acquired during the ICO campaign, including additional bonuses and rewards.
Currencies accepted:
Available purchase methods: BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC, USD, EUR


  • The "Streamity" project is based on the popular mass service, the demand for the project's services will be preserved in any conditions of the cryptocurrency market.
  • The development of Streamity services and the influx of new users will create a steady demand for STM.
  • Users receive STM tokens at a price much lower than the price during the launch of the service that gives them significant savings while using the StreamDesk service.
  • Input of fiat money to exchange markets and its withdrawal is far more profitable if you use "StreamDesk" service, thanks to its convenience, low commissions and market prices of the tokens.
  • StreamDesk support reserve fund.
  • Each holder possesing more than 1250 STM will recieve a set of privileges and will be provided with even lower commissions on the "StreamDesk" platform.

* Find more details here Whitepaper.

Tokens sale

Token Sale Phase #1

1 day
2-14 days

    20% - bonus is given during the first day of the token sale (phase #1)
    15% - bonus is given starting from the second day of the phase #1 until the end of this phase

  • Start: 12.03.2018 (9:00 AM GMT)
  • End: 25.03.2018 (9:00 AM GMT)

  • Quantity of tokens available during the first phase of ICO: 100,000,000 STM
  • The cryptocurrencies accepted: BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC, USD, EUR
  • Tokens exchange rate: 1 STM = 0,2 USD
    This price doesn’t include bonuses, please check the bonus program

Token Sale Phase #2

Phase #2

    10% - bonus is offered during the phase #2

  • Start: 16.04.2018 (9:00 AM GMT)
  • End: 29.04.2018 (9:00 AM GMT)

  • Quantity of tokens available during the second phase of ICO: hard cap
  • The lower limit to launch the project 25,000,000 STM
  • The cryptocurrencies accepted: BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC, USD, EUR
  • Tokens exchange rate: 1 STM = 0,2 USD
    This price doesn’t include bonuses, please check the bonus program


  • 70% - The participants of Token Sale
  • 25% - Streamity team
  • 3% - The rewards program
  • 2% - The advisors and partners
  • 40% - Product development
  • 25% - Marketing
  • 25% - Reserve capital
  • 10% - Audit and finance
The percentage ratio is a subject to variation
and depends on company needs.

Project plan

P2P exchange service aimed at European market.
P2P exchange service aimed at Asian and European markets. Information-analytical resource.
P2P exchange service aimed at Asian, European and US markets. Information-analytical resource.
P2P exchange service aimed at Asian, European, US and Latin American markets. Information-analytical, educational and investment resources.
P2P exchange service aimed at the world market. Information-analytical, educational and investment resources translated in 5-7 major languages.

Our team Streamity

Vladislav Kuznetsov
CEO Founder
Being a think-tank and a successful business owner being able to inspire and lead the team, Vladislav is a true business professional. He motivates people to follow him, always has a clear vision of the final goal, and knows what success is and how to achieve it. Vladislav followers were captivated by his passionate belief in the possibility to change the world and contribute to development of blockchain technology. He has managed to assemble a team of the best experts. He has more than 10 years of experience in business and asset management at the stock market. Now he is also familiar with unlimited possibilities of blockchain technology. Vladislav confidence, experience and unique vision of crypto-era will allow him to break a new ground in technology!
Dmitry Martianov
CTO Co-Founder
Business owner, software engineer and web developer with more than 8 years of experience. Participated in the development of major projects, such as Pegas Touristik and Nordwindairlines. Not only does he manage each stage of product development and coordinate actions of the team, but also participates in performance of complex technical tasks with the highest level of quality. He has generated the idea of StreamDesk together with СEO, and that how the Streamity project was launched. Having thought through the architecture of StreamDesk service, he has focused on its development. He believes that the mission and the team are the most important elements of success. He is particularly committed to the idea and sure that the project will make it into the history of cryptocurrency development.
Oles Sribny
Head of Investment
Oles is a trader-analyst, host of numerous stock exchange workshops and training programs, asset manager with more than 10 years of active trading at global markets and more than 6 years of experience in training. He has provided professional training to more than 500 traders during this period. Oles has been a leading trader in SDG-Trade since 2011. He has prepared more than 500 videos with online trading, training events, workshops, and analytical reviews: all of them are available online. He has more than 3 years of experience in cryptocurrency market investment and management of assets of a closed-end crypto fund. He participates in development of algorithmic trading systems for stock and cryptocurrency exchanges. Oles is a developer of a trading community project. He has a master degree in finance. He has achieved success in his area and is a well- known member of trading community.
Maksim Smirnov
Software Engineer
Having graduated from Bauman Moscow State Technical University with honors Maxim has been working in the IT for over 8 years, 5 of which in the banking area being the head of the development unit of Alfa-Bank, the largest commercial bank in Russia. Maxim understands that the banking area is changing towards digital technologies, in particular, blockchain which is already used for issue of letters of credit, and believes that in future cryptocurrency will circulate as widely as electronic and fiat money.
Sergey Bevzenko
Back-end Developer
Sergey has a master degree in process automation. He was part of the "hottest" projects of the recent years, where he was responsible for system architecture, scalability and performance, as well as for the development of applications, which are used successfully by hundreds of millions of customers. He participated in projects of such companies as: Auchan, Michelin, Pegas Touristik, Nordwind; in development of website, server-end portion of "Active Citizen" application, and many others. He became interested in cryptocurrencies about 3 years ago; that when he understood that his future will be indissolubly tied to blockchain industry.
Egor Okhterov
Software Engineer
Egor's professional skills include design algorithms, business processes, computational geometry, discrete mathematics, linear algebra, mathematical analysis, and project management, to name a few. Egor is a winner of academic competitions in mathematics and informatics, as well as numerous programmer contests. He has developed SVM deployment wizards for Kaspersky Security for Virtualization/Light Agent and Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Proxy Server. The product works on Linux and integrates with squid proxy server using ICAP protocol. Egor has a bachelor degree in software engineering of the National Research University Higher School of Economics. He is a rising star in programmer community. We had to offer a truly challenging task in order to get him.
Pavel Bolgarskih
Blockchain Developer
Pavel is an expert developer of smart contracts on Ethereum platform (ERC20 tokens). He is a sophisticated Solidity user and has experience in development of smart contracts for several successful ICO startups. He has been interested in blockchain development and cryptocurrency markets for more than 4 years. He is also an expert in backend development of web applications and PHP full stack developer. Within Streamity project he participates in smart contract development for DAPP StreamDesk platform.
Maxim Yarushin
Business Development
Maxim has more than 5 years of work experience in a global IT company and is a leader in business development and market entry. He has successfully developed and implemented a number of projects jointly with various Russian IT companies and integrators. He has a master degree in business informatics and business analytics of the National Research University Higher School of Economics. Within our project he is responsible for strategic objectives of the company: expansion into new markets and their research, monitoring of competitors, reporting on the results of research, participation in advertizing campaigns, implementation and control of marketing programs.
Olga Prosalova
Marketing & Community
Olga is a high-quality marketing expert and community manager with a rich work experience in the top Russian high-tech company. She participated in several public and private projects. Olga is a graduate of several liberal arts higher education institutions. She has several key roles in the project. She is responsible for accounts in social networks and blogs, brand management, contacts with the community, and arrangement of meetings. Olga is able to create both online and offline connections. Thanks to analytical mind-set and psychological skills, she understands interests, wants and needs of people. She is an expert coordinator of people and ideas. Olga believes that our idea is worth spreading and does her best to achieve this goal.
Daniil Lobov
Content Manager
Student of MGIMO University, who has worked in the Russian Ministry of foreign affairs, translator. He has a good experience in writing documentation and analytical reports, which allows him to convey information on Streamity project in the most intelligible way. He is a current content manager in the Streamity project.
Sergey Kolomiec
Online coach & Investment
Trader-investor who is managing assets. Since 2010 he has been actively trading on the US exchange platforms, since 2013 he has been training professional investors. Training moderator of numerous exchange seminars and the author of educational programs on SDG-Trade. The main advantage of being trained by Sergey is that he leads his apprentices until they have complete understanding of market processes and above all that - how to gain profit from it. A large amount of profitable trade deals with thorough explanation of his actions may be found on the Internet. Since 2015 he has been investing in cryptocurrency market actively as he sees a huge potential of growth and possibilities in it. In Sergey’s opinion: “An investor shall see potential not only in linear assets, if he wants to diversify and get even more profit, cryptocurrencies fit for it well”.
Join us
Open position
You have some special skills? You want to dive more deep into blockchain technology? You can code, design, market, or connect? Please Join Us!

Streamity PTE. LTD., incorporated in Singapore


Andrey Zolin

Blockchain Advisor

Blockchain developer. Was engaged in the development of the supply system on the Ethereum in Sberbank.

Worked in the projects,,,,,

Sergey Bogatirev

SINGEXPERT (Singapore)

Business development specialist, economic advisor of the Streamity project.
Sergey took an active part in the creation of WhitePaper, particularly in the development of the project monetization model, STM token and KYC policy.

Moreover, proposals for the project corporate structure were made by him.
In future Sergey's knowledge and experience will be used to identify economic risks and find ways to protect our project against them.

BBS PTE. LTD. Best Business Solutions


Singapore consulting company has assisted Streamity in registering a legal entity, opening bank accounts and accrediting on the crypto-exchange exchanges.

Streamity team plans to invite this partner to participate in the negotiations on SMT tokens listings, the creation of project documentation and the preparation of annual financial reports in accordance with Singapore laws.

Aleksey Gaiduk

CEO, Founder Fortifier

Fortifier is a company with extensive software development experience in the fields of insurance, healthcare. Fortifier also helps to implement startups and has successfully released huge projects in the USA.

Alexey believes in Streamity project, he supports our development and assists us to implement the idea. Moreover, Alexey helps us to solve complicated technical issues.

Stephan De Haes

Promotional Advisor

Stephan is Chief Operations Officer at, a FinTech startup launching there concept and Interactive Coin Offering this year. He takes the lead in all social media and ICO-related subjects and overlooks the general operations of the company. Their goal is 'Redefining value' and making cryptocurrency available and acceptable for everybody. Stephan firmly believes that Blockchain and Crypto will change the world and he wants to play his part in making them mainstream. In a short period, he has made a large amount of connections by working together with big companies for promotional advisory in the ICO- and cryptospace. He is also Founder of the Krypt.onomy facebook Communities with more than 2.000 members which introduce cryptocurrency to beginners and provide news, articles, technical analyses and general information. On the side he is also expert rater at ICObench and Crypto-investor.

Opinder Preet Singh

Blockchain Advisor

Opinder Preet Singh is a serial Entrepreneur and presently working on different blockchain projects which will bring a practical change in the society in coming years. He has successfully helped Ethlend to increase adoption of its real time application in Indian subcontinent, where immediate micro lending at less interest rate is a big challenge. He is working exclusively on anonymous protocol zTips to solve the problem of crime reporting and corruption controlling. He is popular among Indian blockchain community for his work in diverse domains including community building, training about the technology and investment strategies and advising blockchain startups about the product development.

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Streamity crowdsale whitelist

In order to anticipate the potential interest to the Streamity project and guarantee the purchaser his participation in the high income pre-ICO phase of token sales, please, fill in the form below:

Market overview. This section contains information on cryptocurrency, wallets, proper security of crypto-assets, relevant ICOs, recommendations on the purchase of tokens. This section contains basic information on cryptocurrency and it is regularly updated with relevant data.

Market.It is the section that contains information on the market capitalization of cryptocurrency. This financial indicator is used to assess blockchain companies and the value of cryptocurrency pool. It is the most important section for investors as it is of the great importance to know the rating of a blockchain company among its competitors. Also in this section you can find general information in real time on the company of your interest, its field of operation, number of tokens, algorithms, prices from the main exchange markets.

In this section each token has a wide discription, rate analysis, graph with a technical analysis, sell/buy recommendations. Users will be able to make token descriptions for rewards. The rewards will depend on the originality an difficulty of content.

News portal. This section is an aggregator that will collect main information from the crypto-news portals, crypto-companies' and their developers' social media, it will also select the general data and filter unnecessary information.

ICO calendar. ICO calendar will help you to invest into crypto-startups. There you can find all necessary information you need to make a decision on the investment of your resources. Users recieve rewards for writing their conclusions, opinions, making videos about the project. Reward quantity depends on the rank of a user, and the rank is based on the accuracy of the conclusions.

Ideas. This section will contain trade ideas, forecasts and recommendations on the purchase of tokens in forthcoming ICOs with the assessments of a project and its risks from professional traders.

Blogs and articles. This section will contain blogs and articles written by the authoritative traders and analysts of the community.

Investment statistics. In this section you can find everything you need to analyze your investments. This section is a unique and specialized tool for the investment research.

Traders community. This blog-chat is adapted specially for traders. Automatic and semiautomatic trade. Integration of bot systems in Telegram, Slack and the website community.

Automatic and semiautomatic trade. Integration of bot systems into Telegram, Slack, website community.

Knowledge base. This section contains a huge amount of data on the technology of blockchain, cryptocurrency and investments in the cryptocurrency markets. This section is available for free and it is regularly updated. Users can post articles and recieve STM tokens as a reward. The reward quantity will depend on the difficulty and originality of content.

Educational center "Streamity". Educational center "Streamity" is a great educational portal in the field of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. "Streamity" coaches are professionals with a rich and successful working experience in the financial/cryptocurrency exchange markets, blockchain technology specialists, lawyers and marketers experienced with ICO preparations, authors of numerous articles and videos dedicated to investment.

StreamDesk features

  Streamity LocalBitcoin BTCbanker
(telegram bot)
Commissions low high high high
Smart contracts no no centrilized exchange
Fiat money
high no no centrilized exchange
Overall security maximal low (rating system,
no safeguards)
low high
many 1 (Bitcoin) 1 (Bitcoin) many
exchange rates
market rates (Fixed to
the major official
exchange markets)
rates are defined by users
(Overstated if compared
to the major official
exchange markets)
rates are defined by users
(Overstated if compared
to major official
exchange markets)
Local price formation
(Rates are too overstated,
centrilized exchange
does not allow
to maintain market prices)
Ease of use high low medium medium
Mobile application + - + -

Reasons to buy STM token

  • A unique service "StreamDesk".

    We develop a unique service for the profitable purchase/sale of cryptocurrency under the credible security of smart contracts and payment systems all over the world.

  • Buy and sell cryptocurrency without commissions.

    Early investors are privileged to use such functions of StreamDesk service as purchase/sale of cryptocurrency without commissions.

  • Legitimacy.

    Streamity PTE. LTD. is registered in Singapore. Investors can officially purchase tokens regardless of their location. Our company supports partnership with the largest payment systems.

  • STM token is in the center of Streamity ecosystem.

    STM tokens are used for the purchase of services within Streamity ecosystem. As more services are launched within Streamity platform, the more tokens are in demand.

  • Minimal risks.

    There are minimal chances to manipulate STM token rate as they are protected with STM token and fiat money reserve funds.

  • Active team.

    Active and well-coordinated team of highly professional developers is ready to bring ideas to life.

  • Advantages of "StreamDesk" platform

  • Easy and comfortable service.

    Never has cryptocurrency to fiat money exchange been that easy and secure before. It is suitable for the beginners and experts.

  • Large scale service with no limits.

    Global coverage and worldwide presence.

  • Save money on cryptocurrency purchase.

    Cryptocurrency to fiat currency exchange is much more profitable compared to other exchange markets and services due to fixed rates, low commissions and the absence of hidden fees.

  • Cryptocurrency fixed rates.

    You can buy and sell cryptocurrency at a fixed price. Cryptocurrency rates are fixed to the major licensed cryptocurrency exchange markets.

  • Cryptocurrency purchaser security.

    Seller's cryptocurrency is blocked within a smart contract. As the fiat money is transferred to the seller's account, a signal from the payment system opens the smart contract. Purchaser receives cryptocurrency.

  • Cryptocurrency seller security.

    If a purchaser does not transfer fiat money to the seller's account within a time limit, smart contract is opened and cryptocurrency is sent back to the seller's account.

  • Reliable technical support 24/7.

    Round-the-clock technical support for our customers.