Streamity presents the Development update #2

Our community is growing and we have successfully launched the main service “StreamDesk”, the safest p2p exchange in the world! Check it! We are interested in your opinion about the service!
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In order to simplify the process of transferring funds to a smart-contract, we have developed a transaction signing service that works within the StreamDesk application. Users can attach their ERC-20 wallets to the browser on our website, in order to do so, users can:

  • Create a new one wallet, enter the phrase password and then we will generate the wallet for the user and provide the opportunity to download the json-backup.
  • Or users can import the existing wallet by entering a public key with the phrase password or dropping the backup.

There could be several connected wallets. We do not collect anything on our site, the json-backup wallets are collected on the local storage.

As for the interface: on the top there is a panel with “wallets”, it is initially empty. If a user has Metamask installed, there is no need to do anything, the wallet will be attached automatically for signing transactions.

We plan to complete beta testing phase within 2–3 months, during this period of time we will actively collect feedback, comments and wishes from all our users, as well as regularly announce updates of service functionality, add new payment systems and crypto-currency pairs.

The most important news is that we are going to introduce new crypto-currencies to the system.

We decided to add new blockchains to the system. Thanks to smart-contracts the platform guarantees security, so first of all we will add crypto-currencies such as: NEM, NEO, EOS, ADA. Exchanges will take place within their smart-contracts so its true to say that our platform unites blockchains. We will also work hard to apply atomic transactions inside the system.

Another important news: it was decided not to delay the introduction of tariffs into the system and give all users an opportunity to get acquainted with the platform and make transactions without fees!

The decision to implement fees will be taken within one month, so everyone needs to hurry and sign up in StreamDesk. We would like to remind you that some tokens’ holders will have an opportunity to make transactions without fees, they just need to keep tokens on the balance sheet.

You can already make real transactions at streamdesk.io.

Check it out and let us know what you think.