Streamity presents the Development update #3

Now you can buy or sell NEO on StreamDesk
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NEO smart contract for StreamDesk was developed by Streamity team. The team had taken into account all the functional and non-functional requirements during the development. NEO smart contract allows to block the currencies NEO, GAS inside StreamDesk system, with the subsequent unlocking and sending to the address in NEO network. The smart contract has functions of storing the status of transactions and blocking tokens at its address in NEO network. The transactions structure in a smart contract has a status, a buyer, a seller and a commission, with the ability to lock tokens until it is needed to transfer them to the buyer’s address or to the seller’s address in case of a transaction cancellation.

Link to NEO smart-contract at GitHub

This means that you can buy / sell not just Ethereum for fiat money but also NEO and GAS at Streamdesk platform, absolutely quickly and safely.

Buy or sell NEO, GAS, ETH right now

When selling NEO, a commission is taken in GAS, but a buyer does not pay the commission when he buys NEO. It means that a seller should have GAS in the wallet.

Why does Streamity choose NEO

In our opinion, NEO surpasses Ethereum in several parameters:

  • NEO transaction speed is 1000 times faster than Ethereum.
  • GAS and NEO separation. There are huge advantages of using two different tokens when working with PoS protocol.
  • Low transactions commissions. NEO smart contract at StreamDesk is developed in such a way that we don’t charge any commissions for operations with NEO. It means that it is possible to use our platform with no commission, even with no commission in GAS.
  • NEO can not produce fork which is an important parameter for being accepted by a real world economy.
  • NEO supports many encoding languages.
  • NEO has a more efficient and faster way to fulfil smart contracts than Ethereum.

“I consider that NEO has much more opportunities for growth and development than Ethereum. Now we can see the influx of ICOs and applications being developed on the basis of NEO. And this trend will just grow further. And as this trend grows, a need for NEO and GAS will grow with it. So now it is easy to exchange NEO and GAS for fiat using StreamDesk platform.

It is important to add that Chinese market which is about 1,4 billion people has not been mastered yet. Just imagine the excitement around NEO platform after removing ICO and cryptocurrency restrictions in China, as China prefers to use its own products and business innovations. One of NEO’s benefits is that the platform is aimed to meet regulatory requirements for the platform suitable for a smart economy. Thus, we can confidently say that adding NEO and GAS into StreamDesk is Streamity’s first step to the Chinese market development.”

Vladislav Kuznetsov, CEO Streamity

Streamity team’s plans for the near future

In addition to NEO and GAS, in September we plan to launch a decentralized Bitcoin trade in an absolutely innovative way, with the help of a smart contract of another blockchain. Also the team has already begun to develop atomic transactions between NEO and Ethereum networks, but we will tell you about it a little later.

And we are glad to inform you that we are going to launch our first course for cryptotraders , which incorporated all the most important and necessary information for people who want to successfully start crypto trading.