NEO Blockchain Moscow. The first visit of NEO to Russia
On October 23rd, a joint event with NEO and Streamity, which will take place in Moscow.
Streamity presents the Development update #3
Now you can buy or sell NEO on StreamDesk
Streamity at Asian-Pacific Blockchain Summit
Asian crypto-tour of STREAMITY is going on! We are still in Shenzhen (China) and on July 28 our project team will take part in Asian-Pacific Blockchain Summit.
STREAMITY Asian tour has started!
The presentation of Vladislav Kuznetsov at Niubility World Blockchain Conference 2018
The Moscow office of STREAMITY
STREAMITY is a project that is constantly developing. We are always glad to see our partners and investors in the offices of STREAMITY, and today we want to share with you a photo of our office in the center of Moscow (Russia).
STREAMITY's team is going on an Asian Crypto-Tour
Behind we have events in Russia and Europe with even more work ahead of us in promoting and realizing our project. We are sure that the Asian market today holds the most promise, so the STREAMITY project has decided to do its own first roadshow across China!
Streamity enters the Chinese market
Due to the high interest in our project from Asian investors and the team's trip to China, we decided to extend the Crowdsale until August 6, 2018.
Streamity news digest #3
Change the crypt to the Fiat without commission at the exchange rate of Сoin Market Cup. We made a StreamDesk, which will tear up all the crypto exchangers around the world!
Streamity presents the Development update #2
Our community is growing and we have successfully launched the main service “StreamDesk”, the safest p2p exchange in the world! Check it! We are interested in your opinion about the service!
Streamity news digest #2
Welcome to our office in Kiev. We show you our office in Ukraine as it plays an important role in the project : Here we create and implement Streamity Educational and Investment Portals.
Streamity news digest #1
We could not be more proud as we have made our first news digest. We are going to share all the key updates about our work: Streamdesk, Security, Payment systems, Transactions, Conferences and much more!
Streamity presents its new regular column  —  Development update
The Streamity team, led by the CTO Dmitry Martyanov, presents its new regular column: Development Update. Articles will be published once in two weeks.
Interview Maxim Yarushin, Streamity Chief Business Development Officer
About fiat/crypto exchange via blockchain and how can it be absolutely independent and secure due to the use of the smart-contract architecture and the API of payment systems we talk with Maxim Yarushin, Streamity Chief Business Development Officer.
Application of STM tokens within Streamity Ecosystem
Take a look at the scheme — how you can use STM tokens within our service
Schedule of free webinars on the week of May 29th, 2018
This week we have prepared for you webinars on following topics
Streamity Interview with Dushan Spalevich for ICO TV VIDEO
Dushan Spalevich for ICO TV VIDEO asked about Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. Advantages of StreamDesk. Unique P2P service for cryptocurrency - fiat money exchange, completely independent and secure due to the use of the smart-contract architecture and the API of payment systems.
Crypto Coin World Review
Streamity ICO Review by Crypto Coin World
REALIST NEWS - Mark your Calendar for Streamity ICO
Realist news - well-known video-blogger shares his findings and opinion about StreamDesk. Summary of essential information.
We have worked hard to develop a convenient and high-quality service, unique in its kind. We analyse every detail in this complicated mechanism in order to make the transaction safe and to simplify the possibility of buying cryptocurrency for fiat money as much as possible. We encounter many difficulties, but our goal is to permanently change the possibility to enter the crypto-currency market and it helps us to go on and evolve even faster, no matter what stands in our way! Now we are proud to show the functioning alpha version of the StreamDesk service.
Advisors from Coin Locker Group about a Streamity project
We joined the Streamity team because we believe in their mission and believe in the product