Streamity presents its new regular column  —  Development update

The Streamity team, led by the CTO Dmitry Martyanov, presents its new regular column: Development Update. Articles will be published once in two weeks.
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After launching the Alpha version together with our users it is true to say that we are very pleased to have designed a clean, intuitive interface of our platform with its powerful functionality. We believe that it is the best and the only solution for the exchange of cryptocurrency for fiat money using the architecture of a smart-contract and signals from payment systems. Now to the news.

In order to provide a full-fledged architecture of interaction with all aspects of the system, we have developed a service that sends a signal to a smart-contract in case of a successful payment. The system uses data of a deal so as to generate a transaction in a smart-contract. Data is identified with the use of “keccak_hash”. This hash is calculated from the required parameters and signed by the private key.

Let’s take a look at security. Security is an integral part of our project. We have given due attention to protecting the entire infrastructure in order to work with applications, web services and databases. We have applied all the basic security measures that are worth taking — these are cryptographic keys, firewalls, private networking, isolation.

Orders and transactions. At first glance, everything is easy when we speak about p2p exchange, but in fact, in our service orders and transactions have extensive functionality and many conditions. In order to conduct automated transactions we had to research many non-standard situations and offer you the ideal solution with the optimal transactions timing. After thinking over risks control, we have decided to realize “stop sums” for the automatic withdrawal of applications from the order list. We have also used other tools in order to deal with this issue.

New opportunities
  • We have created a user model, implemented registration and authorization of a user, created the following functionality — logout, password recovery and change, password stability, etc.;
  • Sending emails at the main types of events;
  • Added a stop sum to the purchase order;
  • Added a basic functionality for the emergence of informative “snack bar” with the appropriate message and feedback status.
  • Realization of user’s profile. Users can edit info in personal account. Uploading user’s photo. Showing user’s statistics (including account statistics: overall/successful deals, sign up date, “last seen” date).
  • Implementation of user’s verification
  • Integration with a service to recieve actual currency rates. Recalculating order sums according to real rates.
  • Implementation of websocet server and its integration into user’s interface to work with order list, currency rates and user’s notifications.

Fixed bugs
  • Fixed not matching currency fields when creating a deal;
  • Fixed language change after page refresh;
  • Fixed the functioning of feedback messages;
  • Fixed redirecting to the “Registration Passed” page after registration;
  • Fixed redirecting to Yandex.Money. At the payment stage user was redirected to the Yandex. Money page with an error.